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Junior Team Tennis is a junior league with three competing teams, the Tuxedo Court Crushers, The WLTC Strikers, and the Kildonan Top Spinners. This fun team competition consists of multiple singles and doubles matches and our players compete in 4 categories: Tier 1 - (provincial tournament players), Tier 2 (competitive players, regular ball), Green Competitive (green ball, for regular tournament players), Green Newbie (green ball, for new players to competition). Coaches provide on-court tactical feedback to all players on court, regardless of what team they represent. 


JTT is designed to introduce basic competition to kids that have learned how to start a point, rally and score, to provide more competition for the competitive and provincial players and to help grow the tennis community, which contributes to the development of a healthy environment for kids. 

For more information on how to join Junior Team Tennis, competition format and 2020 dates/locations, contact us at 

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